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Secure mail traffic with SPF, DKIM and DMARC

More and more businesses and organisations fall victim to phishing, spoofing and CEO fraud. It is therefore paramount to guard yourself against it. When cybercriminals gain access to your mail domain, the consequences can be enormous. You can be confronted with great financial loss, but also considerable reputational damage. Building a good repute takes much longer than losing it. Your mail domain could also be blacklisted and it can be very complicated getting removed from it. Many organisations and businesses are already using SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to secure their mail traffic. Nevertheless, hackers know how to bypass them and extra security is needed in the form of DMARC.

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Apply DMARC for SPF check

DMARC adds an extra security layer and gives you full insights in the parties and systems on the web that are sending mail on your mail domain´s behalf. By doing so, you´ll prevent your mail domain from being used improperly. When you want to update an SPF record, DMARC can also be used for an SPF check validating your SPF record. An SPF check online allows you to test the consequences beforehand, preventing any possible problems. It is important to test the SPF record thoroughly before implementing it. An SPF check combined with our DMARC check is very helpful here.

Become DMARC compliant

Kevlarr is very experienced in securing digital communication of businesses and organisations. We can make sure that you become DMARC compliant by correctly configuring DKIM or SPF for DMARC. Our SPF check online enables you to implement the correct configurations. Contact us today to discuss all the options for a check of your SPF record and other related matters. Please contact us by telephone at 030-2006416. You can also contact us by completing our online contact form. We have already helped many organisations implementing safe email standards and are looking forward to helping your business with our knowledge and experience.


Are others able to send messages from your e-mail address or domain? Take our test.

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