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Guard yourself against phishing

Unfortunately, phishing, spoofing and CEO fraud occur more and more. Phishing is another popular way for cybercriminals to distribute ransomware and has affected many large organisations. No less than 70 % of mail traffic is malicious. Nevertheless, organisations are often insufficiently protected against abuse of their mail domain. When cybercriminals gain access to your mail domain, the recipients will receive emails from your domain, which do not arouse any suspicion. Not only can the abuse cause financial loss, it can also cause reputational damage of your brand. Additionally, you´re risking being put on a blacklist. Spam filters consult these lists and will send your emails to the spam folder, including legitimate mail. Phishing and fraud mail can also be distributed within your organisation without you noticing it. DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting, Reporting and Conformance) helps gaining insights in the use of your mail domain, and with a DMARC check tool you can ensure that your record has been configured correctly.

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Check tool for DMARC

Many organisations already work with SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), but that’s not always sufficient enough. DMARC offers an important reporting component that makes the use of your mail domain by various parties and systems on the web visible. Maybe you´re already using a DMARC record, but it has not been implemented correctly. The correct configuration of email security standards can be rather complex. Kevlarr is very experienced in this area. The DMARC check online allows us to see, test and verify your DMARC record and find out if it is valid. If the check tool verifies your DMARC record, you can make the right diagnosis.

Free DMARC check online with Kevlarr

Are you curious about the status of your DMARC record, or how a DMARC can help your organisation to gain full control over your mail domain? Start with Free DMARC check online or request for a free DMARC monitoring. Supervised by your IT partner, we´ll monitor your mail domain for a certain period of time with our DMARC monitoring tool. This usually happens after your DMARC record has been validated by our DMARC check tool. Make an appointment today and call us at 030-2006416, or complete the contact form. No strings attached.


Are others able to send messages from your e-mail address or domain? Take our test.

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