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Kevlarr can solve various email problems to help your organization more secure


Prevent phishing

Kevlarr gives you control and insight over your email server, ensuring only legitimate senders can send emails from your organization.

This means that only authorized emails can be sent and your business email can no longer be abused by hackers, spammers and/or scammers.

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Brand protection

It is very important for any organization to properly protect their brand when sending emails to customers.


Without protection, hackers may turn your correspondence into malicious spoofing, phishing, and BEC attacks. This ultimately creates a very negative image of your brand amongst customers and relations.

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Secure email

Email traffic between organizations uses the well known SMTP protocol, which is basically insecure.

Kevlarr ensures that your email communication is secure, making eavesdropping or manipulating by internet criminals impossible. We achieve this by applying STARTTLS in combination with DANE on the receiving and sending email servers.

"Almost 1.5 million phishing websites are created each month"

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