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Your company brand and identity
is valuable

Protect your brand

Protect your domain by using DMARC on top level enabling only legitimate senders to send emails from your organization.


DMARC is an email authentication protocol designed to protect the organization's email domain against email impersonation in conjunction with SPF and DKIM.

Negative publicity

When your organization's email system is used by hackers and abused in consumer phishing attacks, your organization will receive a lot of negative publicity and thus damaging your valuable corporate image.

This will have many consequences for the marketing department. Having your domain server properly set up, the effectiveness of the marketing tools will improves hughly.

Email impersonation

E-mail impersonation is the most common method of phishing, resulting in a lot of financial and damage to your corporate image.


Protect your email domain against BEC attacks with Kevlarr.

"83% of all phishing attacks have  for the purpose of brand impersonation"

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