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Clarification spoof test 

You can use our online spoofing tool, to have an email sent to any address on your behalf.


Step 1

To be able to perform this test, you will first be asked to enter your e-mail address from which we will send the spoofing test. In other words, the email address you want to test. If your e-mail domain is sufficiently protected, it will be reported back to you and the test will end. 

Step 2

Of course we first will check whether you are the owner of the e-mail address you have provided. For this purpose we will send a verification code to the email address provided earlier by you and ask you to enter this code in the next step of the test.

Step 3

After this you can provide another email address where the spoofing email should be sent to. It is advisable to have the spoofing mail sent to a different address(preferably different domain) than the one you are testing. This way are able to mimic a spoofing email in a more realistic way. Our spoofing test email that we send only contains information about Kevlarr and no links for the recipient to click on or any possibly malicious attachment/content.

Step 4

It can sometimes happen that some advanced spam filter will filter our our spoofing test email, letting our spoof e-mail end up in your spam box. This means that the recipient's spam filter is making use of some very specific filtering rules! However, this does not prevent other recipients with less good spam filters from still receiving the spoofing emails on your behalf in their inboxes as a legitimate email.


Research has shown that 96% of Dutch companies have not properly secured their email systems, making them vulnerable to email impersonation.

We have built a tool in order to create vulnerability awareness and let’s you experience email impersonation.

This test can be carried out completely free of charge and without any obligation. If you have any doubts about the reliability and / or authenticity of our test, please contact us by telephone or ask for feedback from one of our customers.

Don’t wait any longer and find out quickly whether your email domain is sufficiently protected against e-mail impersonation and spoofing.

What is spoofing and can you prevent it?

As an organization you will undoubtedly have had to deal with phishing mail. Clicking on a link in an email takes you to a website where they try to get personal and financial information from you or install malware. You can also get involved with phishing mail in another way and this is called spoofing. If you are a victim of spoofing, cybercriminals have faked email messages on behalf of your organization using a fake sender address for financial gain. All this is possible because your mail servers are not optimally secured.

See if you can be a victim of spoofing with a spoof test

Spoofing can be very harmful to you. You can suffer financial damage, but certainly also reputational damage. To see if your organization is susceptible to spoofing, you can have a spoof test performed on the Kevlarr website. During the online spoof test, enter the email address you want to test. This will usually be your own email address if you want to test your own mail server. If you have the security of your mail server in order, the test will soon be over and you will receive a notification. If your mail server does not block the e-mail, a test e-mail will arrive at your address. Obviously, you know it's spoofing, but for many recipients, this won't be the case. Even if the spam filter is not set up sufficiently for recipients, they can receive such an e-mail. So you should definitely do something about the security of your mail server.

Kevlarr helps you prevent spoofing

The first step in preventing spoofing is awareness. This is also the reason that Kevlarr has put a free spoofing test online. If it turns out that you need to secure your mail server, please contact us. Even if you have the idea that your security is in order, practice often shows otherwise. In addition, your employees can become victims of spoofing, so it is very important to protect your mail server as optimally as possible. With our expertise, the prevention of spoofing is possible.


Test your email domain for spoofing... for free!

Experience securely how spoofing works when your email domain is insufficiently protected.

Please enter a valid Email address.

Please enter your own email address below. You will then have to prove through our verification procedure that you are the owner of this e-mail address!  Read more...



Already convinced? Take the first step with free DMARC monitoring.

Do you want to know who is sending e-mails on your behalf? Gain insight about your domain with our free DMARC monitoring. 

"78% of people claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails. And yet they click…"

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