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DMARC monitoring for a secure mail domain

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. It’s an authentication system designed by PayPal in cooperation with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! Its objective is to protect businesses against identity abuse, so that their identity can’t be used for phishing or spoofing attacks. When your mail domain is insufficiently protected, hackers and cybercriminals can abuse your good repute, which can lead to considerable reputational damage. The time it takes to building a good rep takes much longer than losing it. Make sure the recipients of your mail can assume that you are the genuine sender. Monitoring via DMARC enables you to gain insights in and give you control over all of your mail traffic, preventing abuse.

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DMARC monitoring with Kevlarr

More and more organisations come to the understanding that protecting their mail domain against phishing and spoofing is key. Deploying DMARC is an upward trend, its implementation, however, is not always as simple. Kevlarr helps businesses and organisations with secure communication on the web and via email. We will prevent abuse of your mail domain by implementing secure email standards, such as DKIM, SPF, and DMARC monitoring. Apply our free DMARC monitoring solution to gain insights in the safety of your mail domain. No strings attached. If everything is in order you will have that reassurance. Should any factors surface that allow a window of vulnerability to your mail domain for e-mail impersonation, phishing, financial fraud or mail interception, you can deploy our knowledge for these areas.

More information about monitoring with DMARC

Our free DMARC monitoring allows businesses to gain insights in which parties/systems are sending and forwarding emails on their domain’s behalf. Based on the monitoring’s outcomes, Kevlarr’s experts can take the necessary actions and enhance security where needed. The effects of our DMARC monitoring actions will also become visible. Register for Kevlarr’s free DMARC monitoring by completing our contact form, or contact us by telephone: 030-2006416.


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