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Counter abuse of your mail domain

Unfortunately, more and more businesses and organisations fall victim to phishing and spoofing. In these cases, cybercriminals will impersonate your business. The recipient wants to rely on it that you have your security well organised. In case of abuse, your domain can also be put on a blacklist, which is consulted by spam filters. Consequently, even legitimate emails will no longer reach recipients. The process of getting your mail domain removed from the blacklist can be very complicated and time consuming.

Kelarr | Free monitoring

Report analyzer DMARC

So it is paramount that you (the organisation) have insights in which parties/systems are using your domain or are already abusing it. At Kevlarr, we happily devote our experience and knowledge to guard businesses against abuse of their mail domain and guarantee secure communication. We apply various safety protocols to establish this, including the DMARC report analyzer. A correct application of DMARC is not easy - it’s not just simply enabling it by checking a box and then letting it take care of itself. The correct formatting and parameters are important in order to rightly diagnose the use of the DMARC report analyzer. Based on the report analyzer for DMARC findings, the correct rules have to be configured. It’s an ongoing process of monitoring and taking the appropriate actions where necessary.

Free monitoring with DMARC online report analyzer

Kevlarr can perform DMARC monitoring for a certain period of time for your domain for free and without obligations. To do this, we will deploy our DMARC online report analyzer. This allows you to gain insights in which parties and systems are using your system. When matters are detected that can possibly be dangerous or make your business vulnerable, Kevlarr can help taking the necessary actions by configuring certain rules. The effect of these actions is immediately visible in your domain´s monitoring. Make an appointment today and call us at 030-2006416, or complete the contact form.


Are others able to send messages from your e-mail address or domain? Take our test.

Free spoofing test

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