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Take the first step in protecting your e-mails, start with free DMARC monitoring

Do you have an overview of every party that is sending e-mails on behalf of your organization? Gain insights about your domain with our free DMARC monitoring. Prevent unauthorized e-mails that are being sent from your name. Protect your brand and organization.

Kelarr | Free monitoring

Do not wait until it is too late

Both smaller and larger organizations experience increased risks with their e-mail domains. An unprotected domain allows for e-mails to be intercepted. The damage as a result of this can be significant. Despite this, companies often only take measures when it is too late. What if someone uses the CEO’s account for unsolicited e-mails? Imagine the effects of a fake invoice or even identity theft. An unprotected domain also results in e-mails ending up in spam folders. 

Gain insights into e-mail activities from your domain

With our free DMaRC monitoring you can get a clear overview of parties that are sending e-mails on your behalf. These can be from trusted systems and (marketing) tools such as Mailchimp, but parties that do not have permission will also be shown. Based on this information, you or your IT partner can take the next steps to improve your domain security. 


Are others able to send messages from your e-mail address or domain? Take our test.

Free spoofing test

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