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DMARC management for MSPs, from challenge to opportunity  

DMARC management can be a complex activity from an organizational point of view. Often there are several organizations involved in this process where the MSP (Managed Service Provider) plays a key role. 
SMB rely on their IT partner / MSP to protect their digital identity. 
We prefer to collaborate with MSPs by supporting them during their DMARC journey. Our DMARC management tools are specially designed for MSPs. 
This way, together we ensure that protecting the digital identity of end clients is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity.

Save time with our smart AI filtering 

Our dashboard takes the complexity out of setting up and maintaining a strict DMARC policy. All irrelevant data is omitted through our AI-driven filters. Monitoring data related to spoof attacks or forwarded emails can be filtered out by our AI filters. As a result, you only have to pay attention to data that you or your customer actually have control over.  This can save your specialists a lot of time.

Work efficiently with our DMARC implementation wizard

Our wizard guides you through the process of DMARC management. We have put our knowledge and years of experience in the field of DMARC management into this solution. For each customer, we zoom in on all domains that require your attention. Starting with the most urgent issues. This way you can be sure that you don't miss anything.  We are also constantly improving our tool to ensure that DMARC management can be even more efficient/faster.

Multi-tenant and fully in control

As a partner of Kevlarr, you get access to a powerful and exclusive multi-tenant partner dashboard.  Kevlarr allows you to onboard and manage your customers, including their domains and users.

You can also assign, manage and fully support their monitoring subscription. In addition, you can also determine whether your customers will have access to their own customer environment and their PDF reports.

Training and support

If you encounter problems during your DMARC implementation process due to a lack of knowledge, we will ensure that you won't get stuck.  As a user of our DMARC MSP (Managed Service Provider) offering you also will have free access to our training library as well access to our DMARC specialists. Our DMARC specialists can assist you in situations where the knowledge and/or time of your employees is insufficient.

API based seamless integration

Since our application is built based on API first principal, you are completely free in how you ultimately want to present the data to your endusers. You can fully integrate the full functionality of the Kevlarr dashboard as well as some parts of it into your own application. Integrating your user database and access control can also be easily achieved using our SSO module.

White label program

If your organization requires that your customers are addressed in a uniform manner from your own brand from all your tools, you can use our white label MSP solution. This way you can have your own environment with your own branding. Your customer dashboard and reports are provided with your own logo, color codes, etc.

How much may it cost?

You undoubtedly might be curious about the pricing of our MSP solution. What we can already reveal is that our aim is to make  email protection by implementing a strict DMARC policy, accessible for every business. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure you will be surpised !

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