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Phishing activity within your organization occurs more than you’ll imagine 

Prevent phishing

Kevlarr protects your mail server so that only you, as a legitimate sender, can send emails from your organization.

This means that only authorized emails can be sent and your business email can no longer be used by hackers, spammers and/or scammers.

Phishing attacks within your organization are happening more often than you are aware of. Kevlarr can help you in preventing those attacks.

Encrypt Decrypt Bens Private Key Bens Public Key Bens Message Bens MessageRecieved
Email is send with DKIM Mail server DNS server Does Not Match SPAM INBOX Match

Phishing fraud

Phishing is the wrong way to make a lot of money. Hundreds of thousands of euros are being embezzled by means of urgent transactions that cyber criminals request via email. In the worst case, a company can go bankrupt because of this, but the damage probably goes even further. Our thoughts are with the employee who received the email in the first place...

We all think it will not happen to us, but reality strikes back. Hackers are becoming more professional and resourceful. As a victim you feel very guilty and you often get to ‘blame’. And as an employer, you will do everything to keep your team safe.

Phishing methods

Large organizations do not request personal information, financial transactions or account details via email.

If you receive an email asking for any of these items, please delete the email immediately or check with the sender. As this often are phishing tricks.

"78% of people claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails. And yet they click…"

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