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Does your organization have protection against phishing?

Phishing is a big problem for business. It is a form of internet fraud, whereby recipients of an email are lured into logging into a counterfeit website. This gives the internet criminal access to the login data, but also to financial data. It is a well known problem for banks. People get an e-mail that looks like an e-mail from the bank. By clicking on the link, they will be taken to the website of their bank. At least that's what they think. In reality it is a copy and data is stolen. Protection against phishing is vital for your organization. Imagine if one of your employees fell for such an email?

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How can you arrange protection against email phishing?

Awareness among your employees is a very important aspect in fighting phishing. Unfortunately, being familiar with the problem and being able to identify phishing is not enough. Even though a lot of people know that they are probably dealing with a phishing email, curiosity still wins and the link is clicked. This can have major consequences for your organization and therefore an e-mail server must be able to prevent such e-mails from reaching your employees.
The most important function for your email server in email phishing protection is to recognize phishing email. This is essential, because your employees are the weakest link, so anything that can be filtered automatically no longer poses a risk. The server must recognize the emails and put them in the spam folder. This is often done by means of all kinds of complicated algorithms, but at the same time there are certain standards that only allow e-mails whose authenticity is guaranteed. As part of the above standards, it is important to closely monitor which e-mails arrive and are sent in your organization.  

Protect against email phishing with Kevlarr

Is it necessary to protect against email phishing in your organization? Then enable Kevlarr. We specialize in securing email servers. We have the knowledge and tools to protect your organization against phishing emails. We ensure that phishing e-mails are stopped and that your employees do not come into contact with them. Would you like to know how we can protect your organization against phishing emails? Please contact us, we will be happy to get started for you.


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