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How to prevent phishing with DMARC analyzer

Phishing, spoofing and CEO fraud form an increasing problem for businesses and organisations.
No less than 70 % of all email worldwide is malicious. Although nowadays people are better informed of the dangers of phishing mails, in particular from banks, these emails are often opened anyway. When a legitimate mail domain is abused, it’s not only a problem for the recipient, but also for the sender. Possibly, your mail domain has already been set up for such matters without you noticing it. DKIM and SPF are often configured as security measures, but cybercriminals are able to bypass these, so an extra security layer is necessary. DMARC forms that extra protection. DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. The main objective of DMARC is detection and prevention of email spoofing, such as the earlier mentioned example of phishing mail that seems to be sent by an actual bank.

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Deploying DMARC analyzer tool by Kevlarr

Phishing mail sent from your mail domain does not only have possible financial consequences, but it can also lead to considerable reputational damage. When your mail domain is blacklisted, your emails, including your legitimate emails, will be blocked by the recipients’ spam filters. It can be very complicated and sometimes impossible to getting removed from such a blacklist. Therefore, it´s highly desirable to have your mail domain well protected with an analyzer for DMARC. By applying the DMARC analyzer tool Kevlarr has the expertise to gain full insights in which parties and systems are sending email on your behalf. To ensure only legitimate email passes through to your recipients, two DMARC policies are relevant: Quarantine and Reject. Should an email not comply with the rules, it can be quarantined or deleted. Our DMARC analyzer tool will also provide insights here.

Free monitoring with analyzer DMARC 

Kevlarr can perform a free test with DMARC. Next, in cooperation with your IT partner, we’ll implement DMARC and other safety standards, and we’ll monitor the activity during a certain period of time. That way, you’ll gain insight and we can take action should any vulnerabilities surface. The domain’s monitoring also makes the effects of these actions visible. Make your appointment for a  DMARC test today. Call us at 030-2006416, or complete the contact form.


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