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DMARC test

In order to protect your mail domain effectively against abuse, it is no longer sufficient to only deploy DKIM (Domain Keys Identified) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework). You need to gain full insights in the use of these standards on your domain, as to know whether all parties and systems using your domain are sending email legitimately. When your domain is being used for phishing, it could lead to the domain being blacklisted, your legitimate mail consequently being blocked by spam filters. It can be very complicated and time consuming, sometimes even impossible, to getting removed from such a list. DMARC allows you to gain full insights in the use of your mail domain. That way, you can make sure that only legitimate parties and systems will be authorised for sending email. Also external attacks can be averted by deploying DMARC. A DMARC test will check if your DMARC settings are correctly configured for an optimal use of all that DMARC has to offer. 

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Test with DMARC for legitimate use of your mail domain

Since 2012, DMARC has been preventing email abuse. It was established by PayPal in cooperation with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! At the start, it was primarily used within the financial sector, because that’s where phishing and spoofing abuse of mail domains regularly occurred. Nowadays, abuse also happens in many other sectors. Kevlarr has the experience and knowledge to implement your DMARC record correctly in your DNS record and align it with SPF and DKIM. Our DMARC testing can also help your organisation guard against hackers and cybercriminals by applying DMARC, DKIM and SPF.

DMARC testing by Kevlarr

Kevlarr can perform a free test with DMARC. Next, in cooperation with your IT partner, we’ll implement DMARC and other safety standards, and we’ll monitor the activity during a certain period of time. That way, you’ll gain insight and we can take action should any vulnerabilities surface. The domain’s monitoring also makes the effects of these actions visible. Make your appointment for a  DMARC test today. Call us at 030-2006416, or complete the contact form.


Are others able to send messages from your e-mail address or domain? Take our test.

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