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How do you want to prevent ransomware?

The digital age is an excellent opportunity for business to work more effectively and it provides good opportunities to market yourself. Yet there is another side of the coin and that is if cybercriminals are after your organization. You can then incur considerable financial damage. Now, there are many ways to get involved with cybercrime, but ransomware is still a nightmare for many organizations. With ransomware, it is possible for cyber criminals to block your systems and only release them again after you have paid them. Ransomware is also known as ransomware in the Dutch language. It is very important that you take measures to prevent ransomware. In any case, take the relevant measures to reduce the chance of a successful ransomware attack.

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Is it possible to prevent ransomware?

Installing ransomware on your systems usually takes place as it does with viruses. A virus can damage your system or cause strange things to happen. With ransomware you will see a clear message after restart that you are infected and that this can be solved by paying a sum of money. It is not always possible to completely prevent ransomware. You should of course always build in the necessary protections, such as an up-to-date antivirus program and the use of a firewall. The greatest danger is yourself and your employees. Most ransomware is installed when an employee clicks on an attachment in an email. In addition to training your employees, the most important method in preventing ransomware is to optimally protect your e-mail.

Preventing a ransomware attack with Kevlarr

Do you not know how to further protect yourself against ransomware in addition to your existing security methods? The chance of a ransomware attack can be prevented with the help of Kevlarr specialists. We have the knowledge, experience and the resources to provide your e-mail server with all possible security options, so that you can protect yourself as well as possible against ransomware. Feel free to contact us if you want to know what the possibilities are.


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