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Our DMARC monitoring dashboard is live!

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly at risk of unsolicited emails being sent on their behalf. You can think of fake invoices, but also messages to get login details, business email compromise, etc. Fortunately, there are technical standards such as DMARC, DKIM to make the parties that mail on our behalf visible. This is done using complicated XML files that DMARC-capable receivers share. It is one of our specialties at Kevlarr to understand and translate such technical files for our customers to human readable and actionable information. We are happy to make our knowledge available to everyone via our free DMARC monitoring dashboard and we are very proud that as of this week our DMARC monitoring dashboard is finally available to everyone.

Even the free version of our monitoring dashboard informs you on a daily basis about the status of your email security. It is not a trial version that expires after two weeks neither a version with all kind of limitations. You can continue to use this version and you can even access your historical data for at least a month. In addition to the interactive dashboard, you also have the option to receive your reports weekly and/or monthly in your mailbox.

In addition, you can set up daily email alerts that notify you immediately about urgent problems regarding your email identity. The AI-driven version of our DMARC monitoring solution is now also part of our dashboard. In addition to the over-complete free version, our AI engine helps you to get trough these technical DMARC reports much more efficiently. In this version, the systems that forward emails are filtered out, allowing you to better focus on the relevant data.

On our domain overview page you can also see in a helicopter view all domains that need attention or the domains that can be ignored. Don't wait any longer, but subscribe at and get in charge of your e-mail domain.


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